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The Faces of Our Organization

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More than 30 years experience bringing stakeholders from business, government, the not-for-profit sector and labour together with consumers to identify concrete solutions to systemic barriers in the areas of employment, education, housing, and social inclusion for groups including persons with disabilities, aboriginal Canadians.

Extensive experience in designing and leading innovative pilot demonstration projects in the areas of employment, Community participation, education and housing for people with disabilities.

More than 20 years experience translating research results into concrete action through various knowledge mobilization strategies.

More than 30 years of concrete and direct experience in organizational change management.

Daryl Rock, 

The joy is in the journey!

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Thirty years experience working with groups to move from unfocused intentions to a strategic plan which includes every individual believing in and working towards achievable outcomes.

Extensive experience working with individuals and groups to make a cultural shift from reasons why not, to reasons why sought after goals are achievable.

Commitment and experience to move beyond stigma and intention to self-advocacy and action on issues of mental health

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Former Director of the Public Education and Outreach Branch at the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility, Alf spear-headed the implementation of over 100 community projects related to creating awareness of accessibility issues.

  • Developing  effective stakeholder networks.

  • Client focused  presentations and workshops

  • Program and project design and delivery. 

His approach to community development has touched all aspects of social inclusion from places of faith, to workplaces and sporting events.

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Dean has been a leader in accessibility for over 40 years.  An accomplished s organizer and former Paralympian, he is tirelessly committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities.

  • Project management

  • Resource development

  • Accessibility consultant

  • RHFAC Professional

  • Public Speaker

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Here at West Wind, we know that sometimes all it takes to make a difference is collaboration. Since our founding, we have been determined to make an impact, by aligning with key individuals who bring additional expertise to our team.

Meet the Team: Who We Are
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